Public campaign promoting the positive use of data in health research launches

Posted on February 27, 2015

As proud and positive users of patient data to improve health, HeRC launches #DataSavesLives.

Health informatics is an emerging science that uses patient data to improve health yet currently suffers from poor public awareness.  Despite the increasing wealth of scientific evidence highlighting the powerful insights data-intensive research can have, a disconnect is growing between the public’s perception of health informatics and its positive impact on health.

#DataSavesLives is helping to create a public face for data-led eHealth research projects. Through the use of case studies, news stories, plain English explanations of research and a multi-platform approach to engaging with the public, #DataSavesLives seeks to provide balance to the often negative stories that pervade in the mainstream media.

With the increasing proliferation of research coming out of the Health eResearch Centre (HeRC) and The Farr Institute, there now exists a unique opportunity to work in partnership with other UK universities and more clearly highlight the impact that e-Research methods and results can harness.

Having been building momentum over the last twelve months on Twitter #DataSavesLives was enthusiastically supported by speakers and delegates at February’s international Digital Health Assembly in Cardiff.

Over 20 senior representatives from The Farr Institute, the World Health Organisation (WHO), Siemens, The universities of Liverpool, Cardiff and Manchester stood alongside patient representatives to lend their support to the campaign by having their photo taken with a #datasaveslives placard.

The aim of #datasaveslives is to provide a vehicle for academics, researchers and developers to highlight their work, its impact and the UK’s rigorous data-protection processes to a mainstream public audience.

Head of Operations at the Health e-Research Centre Dr Amanda Lamb said: “The wheels are now in motion with the #DataSavesLives campaign. The campaign draws a line in the sand and sends a message that as one of the UK’s leading centres of eResearch we support the fair and safe use of public data to improve NHS services for the benefit of patients and the public.

We will be expanding the campaigns aims and our range of activities over the coming months but anyone wishing to get involved should get in contact, follow us on twitter and start using the hashtag #DataSavesLives.”


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