Helping people with psychosis: a ClinTouch case study

Posted on August 6, 2018

Screencap from video study: mobile phone asking for response to question 'I have felt upbeat about the future'

A new case study video has been released by ClinTouch in collaboration with Understanding Patient Data, which looks at how ClinTouch can help patients with psychosis.

ClinTouch is a smartphone app designed to help people with psychosis monitor and manage their own symptoms. The ClinTouch app asks patients to answer various questions about their mental health, prompting them to give answers multiple times per day. This data is then uploaded in real time to a secure central server, which means that clinical teams can access it.

This means that clinical teams receive incredibly detailed and up-to-date data about patients’ symptoms, rather than a general overview from an annual check-up. As a result, they can track and understand short-term fluctuations in symptoms.

ClinTouch is also a useful tool for patients. The app acts as a journal, so patients can use the data to monitor and understand what triggers their symptoms, and therefore better manage their symptoms.

Watch the video case study below.



To find out more about ClinTouch, click here, or view its research profile on the HeRC website here.