Healthy Ageing and Technology Innovation Lab

14th February

12:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Innovation Suite, Core Technology Facility, Grafton Street, Manchester, M13 9WU.

The UK Government’s Industrial Strategy identifies an ‘Ageing Society’ as one of the four grand challenges and identifies collaboration between academia and business as a key part of helping to combat this challenge.

‘Innovation in age-related products and services can make a significant difference to UK productivity and individuals’ wellbeing, and will find a growing global market. Ageing also presents significant challenges to the economy, including greater caring demands on those of working age and increased health and social care costs. Without action, an ageing population could reduce the size of our workforce and lead to lower productivity.’

The University of Manchester has developed a mechanism for effective engagement between businesses & academics, and we are running an Healthy Ageing and Technology Innovation Lab. Our Innovation Labs initiate co-developed research projects that address a business need.

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