CORMAC (Core Outcome Research Measures in Anal Cancer)



The aim of CORMAC is to develop a core outcome set for the treatment of anal cancer which reflects the interests of patients, clinicians, commissioners, and trialists in order to facilitate decision-making by all stakeholders.

The project will be undertaken in four stages.

  1. A systematic review of the literature to identify a comprehensive list of outcomes reported in trials of the treatment of anal cancer.
  2. Depth interviews with individuals who have, or have had anal cancer to identify outcomes of particular importance to patients and to supplement the list generated from the systematic review.
  3. A Delphi survey of key stakeholders (patients, clinicians, commissioners) to achieve consensus about the outcomes to include in a core outcome set.
  4. Consensus meetings with key stakeholders to ratify the core outcome set.


The systematic review and interviews are the focus for the first year. We anticipate beginning the delphi questionnaire process in spring/summer of 2016, with the consensus meeting taking place in 2017.


NIHR Portfolio Adoption

We have successfully applied to have CORMAC adopted onto the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) portfolio, UKCRN ID: 20368


The research protocol for the patient interviews is complete and we have received provisional approval from the Greater Manchester East Research Ethics Committee. We expect to begin recruitment in mid-January 2016 once final confirmation of approval has been received. We will be recruiting patients from the regional anal cancer centre at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and from patient support groups via contacts in the Study Advisory Group.

Systematic review

We are developing the search strategy and data extraction criteria for the systematic review. We have requested expert input from the Cochrane Colorectal group and from COMET (Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials,  to assist with building a thorough search strategy. We plan to perform the database searches in early January 2016 and begin data extraction in mid-January.


If you would like to provide any feedback or would like more detail on any aspect of the project, please e-mail

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