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Project Overview

The aim of this project was to develop a hardware and software sensing platform to aid further research in dementia.  The project is now complete and the following outputs have been achieved:

  • We have now developed a software platform that will allow data from mobile and wearable devices to be easily captured in order to support future research projects.
  • We have created a bank of wearable devices that is available to researchers conducting research projects in dementia and related conditions.

All data captured in the software platform will be stored in our Trusted Research Environment which complies with ISO27001 and NHS IGTK security standards.


For more information about the DPUK sensing platform please contact the mHealth Applications Manager Matt Machin here.

Funded by

Medical Research Council

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Data Source

As part of this project we developed a platform that enables researchers to conduct new and innovative studies.

The software platform is capable of hosting data that is gathered from wearable devices such as heart rate, steps, movement etc.


Software development followed an Agile methodology (Scrum). Requirements were captured from researchers and clinicians active in dementia research for both the functionality of the platform and types of devices that are expected to be used.

PPI workshops were conducted with dementia patients and their carers to gather requirements for wearables devices which also fed into the design of the software.

The agile development methodology used allowed us to respond to changing requirements and feedback was sought from stakeholders throughout the project.


With the ability to passively capture health information wearable tech has the possibility to revolutionise science’s understanding of dementia.

The development of the sensing platform enables researchers to tap in to this data and carry out their own studies.  In turn data may be used to identify early-signs of symptoms, information that could help support medication adherence and the ability to link wearable data with other types of information contained within DPUK.

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This project has delivered sensing platform software and provided a safe haven and bank of devices to be used for further research projects.

Research publications are currently being developed.  Alongside these is a report has been circulated to the DPUK team regarding findings from PPI workshops that were run to determine which wearables are most favourable and practical according to different patient groups.

Researchers Involved

Matthew Machin

Daniel Cave

John Ainsworth

James Cunningham

Lamiece Hassan