Investigating how visualisation influences risk perception

Manuele Reani, PhD student


Investigating how visualisation format influence risk perception

Project Overview

  • Poor judgement of risk when complex data is involved can sometimes occur in healthcare. In the past, attempts have been made to understand the mechanisms underpinning some of the biases in judgement and decision making.
  • Some prescriptions have been suggested to improve risk estimation and perception. However, there is still an unexplored area of research in judgement involving information visualisation where infographics may actually improve poor judgement under certain circumstances. This research seeks to explore this area through the use of behavioural experiments.

Start: 2014

End: 2018

Funded by: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

Disease Area


Data Source

  • Own data collected in the form of decision making accuracy, time, eye tracking measures, and questionnaires.


  • Behavioural experiments and statistical analysis

Benefits and outcomes

This research could be of benefit to doctors, nurses and policy makers as well as patients.

It will allow light to be shed on some of the biases in decision making under uncertainty and develop tools and framework to facilitate judgement and improve decision making outcomes in medical settings.