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UCL Health Informatics

Congratulations again to @profhhemingway and the 7 other @ucl #researchers elected Fellows of the @acmedsci in 2019…

Posted 34 minutes ago

Elizabeth Lemmon

Is Scotland falling behind the administrative data frontier? Some thoughts from my last fiv…

Posted 41 minutes ago

use MY data

"The final category goes beyond ‘me and my care’ to ‘me and the system’. Patients have an interest in data being us…

Posted 2 hours ago

Prof Chris P Gale

@MagsH64 Thanks for taking the time to talk to me yesterday evening, @MagsH64. #BiasAndBiology #Women &…

Posted 3 hours ago

Andrew Winter

@NHSGGCeHealth team on a visit today to @UCLHresearch to think through experimental medicine data platforms beyond…

Posted 12 hours ago

Prof. Joe McDonald

look forward to it . Deliberately held the champagne ceremony back for you , Ian, Lorna and other NHSD folk you lo…

Posted 13 hours ago

CHC North

The Connected Health Cities Hub has proposed a new Code of Practice for data use, and we're looking for feedback fr…

Posted 20 hours ago

Paul Atkinson

Sadly I can no longer attend this on Thursday but look forward to the outputs. #datasaveslives

Posted 21 hours ago

Ayesha Rahim

Blown away by the enthusiasm shown by @ellaworsdale on the importance of the meaningful use of data: turning that d…

Posted 23 hours ago

Amanda Lamb

See you all at @DHS_London @ExCeLLondon over the next couple of days. Lots of @CHCNorth progress to discuss…

Posted 1 day ago

AphA Analysts

Combining forces with the @isdyorkshumber network today. Garry giving an overview of #Rstats to kick the day off.…

Posted 1 day ago

use MY data

"When it comes to patient engagement & public involvement in research, it’s time to stop talking & start doing." -…

Posted 1 day ago


Absolutely, we need to share information between professionals so they can deliver the right care. Can so often be…

Posted 1 day ago

Charles Gutteridge

@doctorcaldwell @dochawking @openEHR @SnomedCT @phcsg @somersetwyvern @rakeshspatel @MedEdUnicorn @nlafferty…

Posted 1 day ago

Stuart Fordyce

Rather early (and extremely soggy!) start on my way to Pitlochry to talk about benefits of @CPRD for practices and…

Posted 1 day ago


Great guest article from my Manchester BRC Data Friend @ruthlady, taking the quest for better data-driven care arou…

Posted 1 day ago

Tim Williams

There’s alot of good stuff happening in #digitalhealth & #realisticmedicine in Scotland these days 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #VBHC…

Posted 2 days ago

Manira Ahmad

Hello @JCPScotDirector - my father has been telling me a lot about you, would be great to connect & explore potenti…

Posted 2 days ago

Manira Ahmad

Great to connect @ahscp 👍🏻 Here’s to collaboration using #data, #insights and #storytelling across Health and Care…

Posted 2 days ago