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The HeRC Patient & Public Involvement (H@PPI) Forum

Members of the HeRC @ Patient and Public Involvement (H@PPI) Forum

HeRC’s Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group, H@PPI (HeRC@PPI), plays an integral role in developing and implementing our plans for public involvement and engagement.  Since their formation in 2014, H@PPI’s 12 public contributor have dedicated their time towards understanding and advising on HeRC’s PPI activities, communications and research.

The group meet regularly with the PPI management team to discuss their strategic position, update each other on their independent activities and share knowledge of local and national PPI opportunities. They also collaborate with researchers on research projects and applications.  Alongside these strategy meetings the group have also formed a number of smaller working groups to address specific priorities, which are reviewed on a yearly basis – these working groups currently consist of:

The H@PPI critical friends working group

This group facilitates early public involvement at the development stage of research projects, ultimately feeding into the group’s long-term vision of setting standards of good practice in involvement across HeRC. Members of this group offer feedback on research proposals and applications before they are submitted to funding bodies, evaluate PPI plans in proposals and provide appropriate feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of applications.

The H@PPI data dialogues group

This group bridges the gap between researchers and the public, contributing to HeRC’s public engagement. The group advises on and co-creates engagement activities working closely with both researchers and HeRC’s communications team.

The H@PPI breaking barriers group

This group was created to explore and better understand the barriers implicit in a patient’s journey which may influence their choice to participate in PPIE. It explores whether there are certain conditions (labels) which act as barriers for patients, meaning that these individuals actively avoid engaging with PPIE materials. It also intends to develop ways of addressing these barriers and encouraging a wider range of patients to engage with our work.

The H@PPI forum is internally facilitated by HeRC’s PPI lead Dr Sarah Fox, chaired by Grace McCorkle and co-chaired by Alan Campbell.

“The H@PPI Forum epitomises meaningful involvement of patients and the public in the full lifecycle of research. I have had the pleasure of seeing the H@PPI cohort develop into an effective team, integrated equally well with research groups, local communities and diverse interest groups. This work has generated public support and good governance for health research with big data.
In addition, H@PPI members are now routinely ‘co-designers’ and ‘co-investigators’ in that research. This is by far the best Patient & Public Involvement work I have seen.”

Prof Iain Buchan, Director, Health eResearch Centre