Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

We welcome the public's input into the work we do

If you’ve got an opinion about the work we do then please get in touch with Nina Hayes-Thompson via
lamiece at a patient and public involvement and engagement workshop

Our public engagement work in action

At the Health eResearch Centre (HeRC) we are committed to working with and involving you, the general public, in the work we deliver.

Researchers and scientific investigators at HeRC are involved in loads of exciting projects. There are over 40 different research projects taking which all involve the use of technology to improve health services for the benefit of patients and the public. It is important to us to get this right, to deliver research that can really make a difference and to make sure that we listen to the opinions and viewpoints from a wide cross-section of the public.

As well as individual projects we are also really interested in what people think about the type of work we do in general, for example:

  • Is the increasing use of technology in delivering healthcare services a good thing?
  • How we can encourage more people to become engaged in their health?
  • Where do you go to find answers to health questions?
  • How do you feel about health data sharing?
  • What is your understanding of data-linkage?  What are the positives?  Do you have any concerns around this?

If you’ve got an opinion about the work we do then please get in touch with us.