Actissist (Active Assistance for Psychological Therapy

Using mobile technology to deliver Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for psychosis.

Advancing methodology for predicting healthcare study

Developing methods to improve clinical predictions, with the potential to improve decision making across the healthcare system

Application of machine learning to discover new multi-morbidity phenotypes associated with poorer outcomes

Discovering new phenotypes of multimorbidity across the life course that are associated with poor outcomes and/or high service utilisation.


CFHealthHub aims to support self-management which has a big impact on survival for people with Cystic Fibrosis.

Civic Data Identity Platform (CDIP)

Creating a platform which will give citizens control of their personal data, whilst giving consumers of data facilitative access.

Clinical transplantation – exploring the KidneyCloud

Developing an electronic shared care record that meets the needs and requirements of clinical transplantation.


ClinTouch is a smartphone app that enables people with psychosis to manage their symptoms as well providing this data to their clinical team

CPM (Clinical Prediction Models) Networks

CPMs are used to predict the risk of clinically relevant outcomes, this project seeks to enable multi-outcome risk prediction.

Diabetes and Cancer Research Consortium: The EASD Diabetes and Cancer Study Group

Formed in 2010, the DCRC is a specialist international collective that comprises leading researchers in the field of diabetes and cancer.

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