Health e-Research Centre

Harnessing health data for patient and public benefit

“HeRC develops and applies advanced methods to unlock and harness real-world evidence from health data across Northern England. This will create a world-leading multidisciplinary e-research environment for health discovery and innovation across the universities of Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster and York.’’


  • Advance methodology to harness linked health data for research and innovation.
  • Drive programmes of cutting edge research using this methodology to support healthcare, academia, industry and participating citizens.
  • Build capacity in the underpinning health informatics scholarship and professional development across Northern England.


HeRC will integrate its aims by creating a virtuous circle between health science and service through informatics scholarship and practice.

The Centre, led by Professor Iain Buchan, will produce new computer-based methods and tools, and apply them to five areas of innovation:


  • CoOP: Helping patients to monitor their own health in daily life using mobile technologies such as smartphones, integrated with NHS care.
  • MOD: Helping the NHS to examine complex flows of patients in order to spot missed opportunities for earlier or better targeted care.
  • SEA-3: Giving researchers more powerful tools for identifying sub-groups of people who have different patterns of health that might illuminate new targets for treatment or prevention.
  • DOT: Enabling different research teams to collaborate across different organisations to produce more powerful and timely analyses of anonymised healthcare records.
  • FIN: Making clinical trial plans more planned, more efficiently run and more relevant to patients.