Animated case studies celebrate how data can save lives

Posted on January 15, 2019

From the UK’s biggest ever cystic fibrosis trial to a hashtag that has been shared over 20,000 times, the Health eResearch Centre is looking back on over five years of health data research.

HeRC, which brings together nearly 50 interdisciplinary research projects from across the north of England, has released a series of seven animated case studies that show the breadth of its researchers’ work from veterinary health to free text mining.

The research results shown in the case studies are a testimony to what can be achieved when under-used health data is made available to researchers. The HeRC team hopes that by showcasing their work and the positive impact of health data sharing, the field of health informatics will continue to thrive.

Professor John Ainsworth, Director of HeRC and Connected Health Cities, said “Over the last 5 years HeRC has delivered across a broad portfolio of data intensive health research, team science, networking and public engagement. These animation case studies provide a great introduction to just some of our achievements. I hope you enjoy them and please do share them more widely.”

For more information on HeRC’s research, click here.