An electronic home for health research

HeRC eLab is a platform of many possibilities for research: it could be a fast, convenient and centralised area for a multisite study team or it could be a secure storage area of precious data and documents. You decide. Whatever your research needs, eLab is a stable, secure and smart electronic repository for health research.

Our platform combines the connectivity of social media, the storage of a cloud service and the analytical tools to enable health researchers to maximise efficiency, repeatability and transparency in health related studies.

We think of strong research as being the product of the right team, robust and transparent data and rigorous and repeatable methods. This philosophy has been distilled into our platform.

We call it



Build a home for your research community

Your research within the community you create. Your research has its own space, that only a hand crafted community can access. HeRC eLab brings study teams together into a single hub called a site. All of the important documents and data are kept in this site to make one accessible place for the whole team.

From data entry to administration, the team is given a managed experience, tailored to individuals responsibilities. Social network features mean that communication is also simple. Adding, removing or tailoring access is easy, flexibly ensuring that relevant people get relevant access.


Know when apples are apples

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. This can be a problem, not all data contains enough information for it to be interoperated by another. One person’s apple may not compare to another’s…

In HeRC eLab, data is made uniform, improving its sharability. This makes data more transparent because everyone knows what any data means. With HeRC eLab everyone knows that an apple is an apple.


Show your working

Through eLab, the journey of your research is mapped at every stage. If your data is transformed, the process of its transformation can be stored and shared so that others can follow in your footsteps.

HeRC eLab allows for an unparalleled level of confidence in the results of your analysis, because every stage in the refinement from raw data to finished analysis can be recorded.